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For your Sensorial Escape..,
pick from the Sothys Range of Cream/ Oil

• Lemon and & petitgrain extract, fresh and tonic
• Vanilla and sandalwood, sweet and enchanting
• Orange blossom and cedar, musky and woody
Swedish Massage. Duration 60 minutes.
This classic massage will relax your body completely by using a combination of five different long, flowing strokes - Effleurage, Petrissage, Friction, Tapotement & Vibration to relieve any pain, stiffness or stress in the muscles.
Thai Massage. Duration 90 minutes.
Known in Thailand as "nuat phaen boran," – is an ‘ancient style massage’ that works on the principles of acupressure in combination with stretching and follows the ‘Sen lines on the body’ - analogous to the meridians or (Indian) nadis. The practitioner will apply rhythmic pressure and stretch the body parts to harmonise the mind & body with the heart and soul.
Deep Tissue Massage. Duration 60 minutes.
Relief & Pain Relief.
Designed to relieve severe tension in the muscle and the connective tissue or fascia, this massage focuses on the muscles located below the surface of the top muscles. We recommended for you if you experience consistent pain in a particular part of the body or if you are involved in heavy physical activity.
(Do not confuse it with ‘Deep Pressure’ Massage)
Oriental Combination Massage. Duration 60 minutes.
Relaxation & Pain Relief.
Involving heated oriental herbal oils, this massage is a combination of two traditional Chinese medicine principles – Tui Na and Zhi Ya. While Tui Na focuses on pushing, stretching and kneading of the muscles, Zhi Ya focuses on pinching and pressing of acupressure points. A typical Chinese Massage is known as ‘Anmo’ which is the foundation of Japan's ‘Anma’ Massage.
Balinese Massage. Duration 60 minutes.
Gentle Balinese techniques like skin-folding, kneading & stroking are used to soothe & calm-down the recipient completely. Aromatherapy (body-oil or incense) is used to relax the senses and the mind to increase the blood, oxygen and energy flow in the body.
Champissage. Duration 45 minutes.
Indian to the core, this massage energizes, relaxes and unblocks the most important energy channels and chakras of the body... The neck, head and face and gently massaged to relieve any stress or pain.
Hand & Foot Reflexology. Duration 60 Minutes.
Relax the whole body just by stimulating your foot....
A Chinese traditional practice that works on the principles of acupressure where various points on the foot corresponds to different organs of the body. Each stimulated point, signals the nervous system to relax the corresponding part of the body by adjusting the flow of oxygen, blood & energy.
Mini Massage. Duration 40 minutes.
A shorter version of our classic Swedish massage designed to help slowly release tension from problem prone areas of the neck, back and shoulders.
Hanakasumi Body Ritual. Duration 60 minutes.
Experience the ancient art of beauty with this relaxing body ritual inspired by Japanese traditions. Your journey begins with the application of a warmed exfoliating cream with cherry blossom and rice powder followed by an exfoliating towel massage to soften the skin and invigorate the body. A unique foot massage based on reflexology revives vital energy. Complete the ritual with a full body massage of melted aromatic shea butter to bring blissful relaxation.
Oriental Ceremony. Duration120 minutes.
An aromatic and exhilarating journey inspired by Oriental rituals of South East Asia. An exfoliating spiced marmalade scrub is followed by an energizing massage using smooth pebbles wrapped in aromatic bags soaked in warm oil. The body is enveloped in deep relaxation, the spirit soothed and the skin hydrated, soft and luminous...
Customized Sensorial Escape. Duration 90 minutes.
A customized and unique body ritual with delicate aromas to provide total relaxation and a complete sensorial experience. The ritual begins with an invigorating sugar and salt body exfoliation for velvety smooth skin. Complete the journey with a relaxing massage based on your choice of a cream or oil - Choose between the fresh and floral scent of Lemon & Petitgrain, the sweet and musky scent of Orange Blossom & Cedarwood or the warm and woody scent of Vanilla and Sandalwood.
Seasonal Body Event. Duration 90 minutes.
A refreshing and energizing body ritual with a one of a kind blend of seasonal fruits and flowers. Let the refreshing and energizing scents of Raspberry and Jasmine transport you to the beautiful aromatic world of Sothys. Skin is softened with a unique melting exfoliating gel with fruity and floral fragrances. Conclude with a gentle massage with aromatic modeling syrup to ease stress away.
Secrets de Sothys Body. Duration 120 minutes.
Everything you can see, touch, breath or hear is a source of well being. A moment of emotional equilibrium; the Secrets de Sothys ® Soin excellence, for the body, is a journey of all your senses.. Your skin is reborn, transformed with a new radiance.
Slimness Escapade. Duration 90 minutes.
Rich in minerals, this powerful slimming ritual reduces water retention, boosts drainage of toxins and the elimination of cellulite while refining the body contours. First, a salt scrub invigorates the skin and boosts the circulation to promote the natural elimination process. A warmed aromatherapy caramel fondant envelops the body inducing relaxation and well being. A hydrating lotion enriched with essential oils completes the ritual.
Signature Firming Treatment. Duration 40 minutes for Bust. 90 minutes for Bust, Stomach, Thighs & Arms.
Every body deserves a customized solution to fight dimpled-looking skin.
This comprehensive treatment has been specially designed to take precise action on the areas to be treated: bust, stomach, thighs, arms, etc. It works on all types of Cellulite & gives long lasting results
Slimness Modelling. Duration 40 minutes.
Our signature ‘knead & roll’ modelling to perfect the figure and redefine the body contours.
Delicious Scrub :
A marmalade with spice powder to softly clean and delightfully sublimate the skin in an aromatic and amber atmosphere.
Exfoliating Body Cream :
A double action unctuous cream for an ultra silky skin. Scrub without shower.
Bath Crystals :
For a revitalizing and delicately scented bath.
ZOE Spa Salon Beauty Salon Bridal Men salon Female salon Unisex salon in baroda varodara