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Clean Up. Duration 30 Minutes.
Eliminate dead cells from the skin’s top layer.
Exfoliate, cleanse and moisturize -
the three primary essential steps to beauty.
Serenity Care. Duration 60 Minutes.
Sensitive skin needs sensitive care.
It not only needs soothing and calming, but also protection of its serum so that it stays soft and comforted.
Rejuvenation & Anti Ageing. Duration 60 Minutes.
Age gracefully! Here is the answer to all problems like dull skin, patchiness, uneven skin tone, age-spots and more...
Rejuvenate your skin and feel great.
Hydrating care. Duration 60 Minutes.
If your skin feels dry & dehydrated....
this treatment is for you! You’ll see the difference...
Purifying Care. Duration 60 Minutes.
For the skin that faces the sun & pollution outside.
Blemishes make the skin look stressed & tired. And pollutants suffocate the skin. Give it our ‘purifying care’
treatment. It infuses oxygen in your skin and illuminates it. Say bye to dullness!
Lightening Care. Duration 60 Minutes.
Get that glow!
A treatment that will effectively diminish hyper-pigmentation by combining a gentle skin peel that will remove dead melanin-loaded skin cells and an intensive lightening facial mask which will improve the skin’s texture, even-out the complexion and illuminate the skin...
Resurfacing Peeling. Duration 40 Minutes.
Get rid of that top layer of the skin that causes all the trouble! Our double action exfoliation especially for sun damaged, hyper-pigmented, oil clogged or acne prone skin will remove the cause of your problems to give that fresh new feel!
Active Eye Contour. Duration 40 Minutes.
This is an ophthalmology tested all-natural treatment to soothe and refresh the eyes. This calming, anti-aging and revitalizing treatment uses special blends of ginseng, cornflower and chamomile to reduce puffiness, diminish dark circles and create an overall feeling of relaxation.
Flash Beauty. Duration 50 Minutes.
Our anti-stress skin treatment containing Vitamin - C will slow-down the free-radical damage caused to the skin by external factors that make skin look dull, dry & dark... get a radiant glow in a flash!
Collagene HyaluroniqueTM. Duration 75 Minutes.
Looking years younger just got easier!
This customized anti-aging facial packs a powerful punch of peptides, antioxidants, firming collagen and hyaluronic filling agents. Reveal a more youthful skin as if you have turned back time. A mineral microdermabrasion of volcanic rock and salicylic acid will prepare the skin to receive the “injection –like” effects of our wrinkle filling serums. Following that will be a facial massage with the patented elasticity improving effect and a collagen lifting mask to repair the skin and plump it up...
Beauty Garden. Duration 75 Minutes.
For the eco-conscious guests, nature’s organic garden blossoms.....
Escape from the stress of modern times, avoid city pollution and create your own link with nature. Reveal the best of nature with this 100% organic treatment featuring cherry bud extract, sunflower & lavender. EcoCert® certified, this facial delivers nourishing, hydrating benefits revealing revitalized and brighter skin.
Secrets De Sothys. Duration 120 Minutes.
A sensorial approach to slow the effects of time. Experience the soft caressing feel of our cleanser, the satiny smooth touch of our facial massage cream or the “angora-like” texture of our anti-wrinkle serum. It is as if we wrapped your skin in velvet, silk and cashmere. Your skin is reborn and transformed with a new radiance....
Executive Men’s Retreat. Duration 75 Minutes.
Sothys Homme Destressing- Detoxifying Institute Treatment that provides complete bliss and relaxation that no man can resist. The pre-relaxation massage is followed by a special gommage cleansing with extraction stage, finished off with additional massage complemented by an energizing mask treatment with Vitamin C.
Purifying Care. Duration 45 Minutes.
The skin of hands & feet need extra attention always... Our Rejuvenation system for hands and feet will take care of all your basic problems like dryness, dullness, dead-skin and roughness....
Rejuvenation Treatment. Duration 60 Minutes.
Detoxify with our special sea-salt soaks...
Exfoliate with the fragrant scrubs and revitalize with our special massage. You just sit back and relax while we take care of your hands & feet!
Cut. File. Polish. Duration 25 Minutes.
A quick make-over for the hands & feet.
Because we know this never goes out of style!
French Nails. Duration 25 Minutes.
Add it your mani-pedi or just get your nails done...
Upper Lip / Lower Lip
Face Sides
Full Face
Face & Neck
Back & Front
Full Arms
Full Legs
Full Body

Upper Lip
Full Face
Full Legs
Half Legs
Full Arms
Half Arms
Under Arms
Bikini Line
Full Bikini/ Brazilian
Full Waxing (FH, FL, UA)
Back/ Front
Make Over

Light Makeover
Party Makeover
Bridal Makeover
(Excluding Pre-Bridal Sessions)
Bridal Makeover
(with Pre-Bridal Sessions)

ZOE Spa Salon Beauty Salon Bridal Men salon Female salon Unisex salon in baroda varodara